Thai Cooking and Events
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At Thai cooking and Thai events meetup, we offer everyone who wants to learn Thai food how to make authentic Thai dishes from the scratch in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The cooking sessions are completely hands-on encouraging you to practice Thai cooking techniques yourself. Menus vary from home-style cooking to more exotic dishes. Members can also make requests for the upcoming cooking classes.

Each session consists of a maximum of 12 people on Sundays or 4 participants on weekdays who enjoy Thai cuisine and want to make their own authentic dishes. Our experienced Thai cooking instructor,Sue, will explain about all ingredients and conduct demo for all dishes in both English and Japanese. Then, you and your group members (3-4 persons/group) will prepare all dishes together giving you a chance to get to know each other and exchange your ideas on cooking. When you finish cooking, it is time to start the party!

We also organize Thai dining parties and concerts as well as talk events which feature different topics. Please check the websites below for the newest event information.

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